‘Check It Out’ Nicki Minaj’s Pink Friday 2 Rollout and What to Expect

By: Rhianna Cotton November 11, 2023

It’s no secret that the one and ‘Only’ Nicki Minaj plays no games when it comes to her pen game. As she gears up to rollout her 5th studio album, ‘Pink Friday 2.’ One of her lead singles from the unreleased album “Last time I saw you” debuted at no.23 on the Billboard Hot 100 in early September.

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The Barbs and fans alike are loving what they are hearing so far with this single. Minaj proudly says that Pink Friday 2 will be “the best album that’s been released in years.” The album was originally supposed to come out October 20th but, it was rescheduled twice for November 17th and recently to Minaj’s birthday on December 8th.

Along with her newest release date, the 10-time Grammy-nominated rapper has announced other exciting surprises for her fans to look forward to. Surprises such as dropping never-before seen photos of her album cover art, an exclusive Pink Friday 2 vinyl for pre-order at Target and the launch of her Pink Friday 2 perfume coming out December 13th and the 26th at select stores like Amazon and JC Penney.

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It doesn’t stop there though. Minaj recently did an iconic photoshoot for American Vogue, followed by their famous “73 Questions” video where she talks about the journey for her album and her family as her muse for her new projects.

“Some of the songs started off being written about four years ago, there were songs…I couldn’t record sexually explicit songs while I was pregnant, so I ended up just getting turned off for a very long time and I had writer’s block for a while, even after I had the baby.”

This to some fans could indicate that we might be hearing a new side of the Trini native on this album.


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Minaj continues to inspire the world with her amazing talent, charisma and hard work ethic. Let’s also not forget the impact that she has made in Hip Hop and female rap.

From her OG days with the Young Money crew, the colorful and creative wigs. To her having us belt out every single word from one of her most iconic verses in Kanye West’s ‘Monster’ track and to making black artists not trap themselves in just the box of rap but, to venture out and have the best of all worlds of genres of music and still stay true to your core.

For more updates and to hear more of Pink Friday 2 the album, coming December 8th, you can click the link below for pre-orders and purchases.


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