Mariah The Scientist "To Be Eaten Alive"

By: Kori Barnes

There’s a new rising star on the scene and social media is more intrigued than ever.

Mariah The Scientist has captivated fans the past two years with her breakout debut into the music industry and securing massive venue stages such as Coachella and more. Although she considers herself still new to the music scene, she’s released numerous tracks such as “Spread Thin”, “Stone Cold” ft. Dess Dior, “Walked In” ft. Young Thug, her boyfriend, in the music video, “Bout Mine” and more. Her tracks have hit viral status multiple times on social media platforms such as TikTok that circulated their favorites and shared their intimate relationship stories when connecting with her lyrics.

Although fans and critics may want to have her and her relationship with rapper Young Thug all figured out, she expresses that her mysterious nature is an aspect of herself that she’s proud of. According to complex, “Mariah reveals that she often compares herself to a scorpion. Born in late October, the singer confirms that her zodiac sign is Scorpio, but her connection to the tiny creature goes way deeper than astrology. “A scorpion, at first glance, it's more meek… You don't really know what it's capable of,” she explains. “You don't know what you're gonna get… It can be poisonous and venomous; if you were to eat it, it would kill you. So to be eaten alive is really to kill.”

Despite fans falling in love with her previous R&B acoustics, she wanted to branch out into different genres so she wasn’t stuck in one category. However, the single she released in anticipation of her EP release is an R&B track that she felt resonated with her fans' core and it was in collaboration with Young Thug. “From a Woman” and “From a Man” were released by both artists in collaboration of perspectives intertwining within each other and sharing a more intimate look into their relationship. The couple have been officially linked and confirmed dating by Mariah starting in October 2021 and have continued to go strong regardless of Young Thug’s recent pending trials. One of Young Thug’s most known affiliation names is “Slime” which Mariah sings in “From a Woman” that she can’t call him that because it doesn’t fit. According to complex, “I've never really been able to call him Slime. I just feel like Slime—that's for the boys or something. I call him a lot of things, a lot of inappropriate things for sure. Mainly in public, I just call him Jeff. But on a personal tip, I mean, I call him whatever you call your significant other.”

This 10 track EP list is something that the singer is proud of when it comes to elevating her craft and learning more within the music industry. Despite Young Thug’s previously famous relationship with Karlae, the singer has had to adapt to the level of fame she’s accumulated outside and inside their new relationship. However, the couple isn’t fazed by any negative commentary and are happier than ever in their loving relationship that she’s openly commented that she’s very proud of and that she loves creative collaborating with him. Although she acknowledges not everyone may like her specific sound, she wants anyone who listens to her music to absorb it as a body of art and work. She doesn’t want to be compared to anything; and if someone doesn’t like her art, they can move on.

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