Whatcha Say Now? Singer Jason Derulo is Being Sued by Emaza Gibson For Sexual Misconduct

Rhianna Cotton Oct 13, 2023 7:44 P.M

According to a lawsuit that was filed last week, a female artist by the name Emaza Gibson has sued singer Jason Derulo over sexual misconduct from when he signed her to his record label “Future History” under Atlantic Records. The filing from 2021 stated Derulo was in need of signing a new artist to his record label and that shortly after signing Gibson, he would make romantic gestures or advances. Some of those included inviting Gibson to drinks, dinner and other intimate spots.

Gibson stated that Derulo has told her in order to be successful in the music industry that she would need to “partake in goat skin and fish scales.” For those that aren’t familiar with the term, it is in reference to a form of a sex rituals and the sacrificing of goat’s blood to achieve mainstream success. In another incident Gibson reportedly arrived tardy to a recording session due to the flow of traffic and said that Derulo had “charged” at her because of her lateness. She was told that Derulo’s angry emotion was valid considering she was late to the studio according to Harris. According to the filing, Gibson was concerned that her opportunity working with Derulo was going to vanish because she refused his sexual advances and to have drinks with him.

After Gibson found out that her employment was terminated in September of 2022 at the label, both Atlantic and Future ignored Gibson’s complaints and concerns from their HR team. Weight loss, insomnia and a few others to name were the many symptoms Gibson endured as a result of Derulo’s and his label’s shenanigans. Because of all the things Gibson has been through in the situation, she has had to receive medical and mental help from her PTSD according to the filing.

Gibson’s attorney, Ron Zambrano said that Derulo should strive to be a “better person” and to acknowledge the hurt that he has inflicted upon Gibson.

In a recent Instagram video, Derulo briefly mentions the lawsuit and says that the "claims completely false and hurtful." Although he didn’t mention much about the details of the actual lawsuit. He continued to say that he stood “against all forms of harassment and I remain supportive of anybody following their dreams, I sit here before you deeply offended by these defamatory claims." Many users on social media had mixed opinions on Derulo’s video. Some called it insincere, and others were in favor of Gibson’s perspective of what happened.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court has named Derulo, Atlantic Records, Future History, RCA Records, and his manager Frank Harris as defendants from the complaint. The lawsuit seeks compensatory damages, general, punitive, and medical expenses for Gibson’s health.

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